Should Minimalists Have Kids?

I started becoming a minimalist around the same time my wife and I started trying to have our first child. This created a conflict between my goals and our situation — as I reducing possessions and commitments, more were flooding in! There were all of the things that we needed to buy before our son’s birth, the […]

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The Magic of Making Things Myself

I grew up with a love of fantasy video games and books. It wasn’t just about magic and monsters for me. I wanted those clothes. I loved the way shelves were lined with jars filled with strange powders and goops. By comparison, modern life seemed sterile and dull. What I have since discovered is that […]

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Giving Life Meaning

One reason to own less is freeing up time to focus on what matters. But distractions can still get in the way.  It’s far too easy to wake up and passively let hours go by, concentrating on work I don’t care about and spending my leisure time consuming content I don’t need. Time is finite, […]

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Do You Own the People You Love?

Do I own my partner? Do you own yours? The obvious answer is no, but our thoughts and actions seem to disagree. We love them, yet the longer we’re with them, the more we wish they would do what we want and to do it our way. We may not own our loved ones, but […]

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Make Space for Compassion

I can be critical (can’t we all?). I learned in school that effectively dishing out criticism makes for a great essay. Such writing got me into college, and then it got me a diploma. I didn’t land a job immediately after graduation, but I was eventually able to make money writing for blogs. A critical […]

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